Study Medicine
in Europe

Dreaming of a medical career? See the world and study medicine abroad. Be adventurer, take your chances and get your degree at one of well-acknowledged medical universities in Europe!

Studying at the uni has never been so exciting.

You’ve got the chance to explore a brand new country, getting new outlooks, learning new traditions and culture, honing not only your English language skills – everything just one prescription away from your medical studies.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

It’s so easy- peasy! Reaching for a quality medical education you get to experience a different learning system, gaining new perspectives and global mindset.

You will experience a diverse range of people, making lifelong friends while studying at any of the recognized medical schools in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania & Croatia.

Moreover it´ll be unforgettable! Stories of your life will come along with self-reliance and independency, creating more future opportunities etc – isn’t it just perfect?

….and what’s the best you will graduate in English so you can live and work as a doctor anywhere!

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with you at the speed of light!:-)

Conditions of Enrolment

Tuition Fees & Costs

Here you are some selection of partnering medical universities with their pricing.
For full information about other partnering universities please get in touch with us.

For information about other partnering
medical schools please drop us an email.

Transfers to Other University

Well, it may happen you feel not very happy with your current university programme in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science. Not enjoying your field, paying too high fees or you just wish to change and study in English. Whatever your reason is, there’s an easy way out – transferring to other university, possibly even without losing a year or your existing credits.

Sounds like a big deal, but actually there’s nothing like that with us.
We can provide you with a full assistance step-by-step throughout your transfer.

  • Starting your transferring procedure with direct registration to accredited &internationally recognised university.
  • Support to get the credits from your previous study recognized.
  • Translating of all the documents needed.
  • On-going academic support.

Partnering Universities OPEN for Transfers