Choose the Right University

Considering studying medicine in Europe?
Start off with choosing the right university!


Asses your own situation

Are you fast-learner or you need more time than others? Your real studying abilities, stronger or weaker, can increase/decrease your chances for premium medical universities with a limited number of students application accepted. Still, it’s always good to go for more than a single choice (fuse).



Not very popular, but essential. What is your budget like? Would you have to work during your studies? It may give you a clue for your ideal university location – reflecting costs of living (accommodation, transport, food etc.)


What is your way of life

Looking for some hype or regular study? Fancy lots of social events? What is the distance /how often do you wish to see your family?


Quality of the medical school

Research studying programmes and courses of the university. What kind of internship initiatives they currently run? Do they have reasonable facilities and equipment? What about practice options? How do they cooperate with other universities?

Our Tip

?️ Faculty of Medicine / University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik, Košice

  • Running both, General Medicine and Dentistry study programmes in the modern complex of buildings with their own laboratories.
  • Supported with the community of world-class teachers, there are several research and medical science initiatives for students at the university. 50% are international students which makes a lovely multicultural atmosphere.
  • Situated in one of the most affordable cities for students in the region (reasonable accommodation & costs of living in the second largest city in Slovakia)
  • Great transport options – easy to get from/to most of the European cities e.g. there are regular flights to 8 destinations in Germany operating few times a week.

Diploma accepted & recognized in all EU countries, and in the most of the states in USA.

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